Museworthy This Week: What We Learned + Loved

1. #freethefive


A group of five young Chinese women have been unjustly detained in China since early last month on charges of “picking quarrels and provoking troubles,” which could result in five years in prison. The women were merely organizing a peaceful protest against sexual harassment in the workplace that was scheduled to take place on public transportation for International Women’s Day. Since the detainment, these women have been subjected to near-constant interrogation and inhumane treatment. A global response has begun with the hashtag campaign #freethefive to raise awareness of the detainment and a petition has been started to demand their release. Sign it here!

2. being beautiful is a decision that you make

Lillian Bustle, an award-winning burlesque dancer, addresses (and debunks!) the concept of body image and acceptance in an enlightening TED talk. Lillian, who openly and unashamedly refers to herself as fat AND beautiful, claims that body positivity is a conscious decision, not something that comes as a result of other people’s affirmations. You tell ’em!


3. join the league

Looking for a change? Levo League can help! This week we discovered this phenomenal resource and networking tool for professional women. Get connected with mentors, see available jobs, and get on the professional fast-track! Check it out on

4. #givemombackhername


This week, another article represented the complex relationship between mothers and their children. Apparently in Egypt, men don’t like to say their mothers’ name publicly – it’s considered a source of shame – and her name is slowly forgotten. To help remove the stigma, the UN just launched a hashtag campaign to help #givemombackhername by raising awareness and fostering communication. Learn more!

5. relationship goals


Looks like there’s another great way to keep your partner on their toes: clever pop quizzes. Need to know if you’re truly Crazy in Love? A young American woman crafted this satirical quiz for her BF that featured two pages of questions about Beyonce. Because duh.

6. strong is the new pretty


Kate Parker, an Atlanta-based photographer, has made it her mission to prove that strong is the new pretty through a jaw-dropping photo series of her two daughters. The photos not only depict the fierce, independent, goofy natures of the girls, but Parker’s reverence for childhood and a mother’s bursting, unconditional love. Check out Kinsey’s interview with Kate here! And to see more of Kate’s work, check out her website.

7. celebrate your journey

Editors’ Note: A handful of the people we’ve reached out to for features have responded that they don’t think they’re quite worthy of being featured at this point in their lives. Take this to heart: YOU ARE WORTHY.

It’s almost as hard, if not more so, to be working towards goals that haven’t yet been accomplished, for dreams that haven’t started paying off yet, for a vision that hasn’t yet been realized. That takes determination and guts and passion; that makes your journey worth celebrating.

+ did you learn something life-changing this week? find something neat/funny/interesting worth sharing? tell us about it! we want to share the byom lessons!

Images via Kate Parker Photography, BBC, Pop Sugar, UN Women, and Vibe.


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