Museworthy This Week: What We Learned + Loved

1. #girlyoudontneedmakeup

Amy Schumer brilliantly attacks societal beauty standards with a hilarious parody of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” (and it isn’t too far off from a few Bruno Mars, John Legend, and Drake songs, either). The jist of it? Society’s beauty standards are the epitome of a double standard: Guys love you for who you really are, as long as that includes impeccably applied “natural-looking” makeup. When the skit aired on Comedy Central, Amy herself started the Twitter hashtag #GirlYouDontNeedMakeup with a picture of her and a friend, completely makeup-free, to enforce a totally body-positive message.

2. Bruce Jenner Opens Up

Bruce Jenner publicly announced that he is transgender during an interview with Diane Sawyer this past week. As controversial as the Kardashians are, Bruce’s open and heart-breaking explanation of his personal battle and his “otherness” is something that we all can relate to, regardless of how you identify yourself.


Jenner’s interview also highlighted an issue that is not often covered in the news: the struggles that other trans people face, particularly trans women of color. So far, at least seven trans women of color have been killed in 2015.

3. You’ve Got to Hear These!

This week, we’re sharing two music recommendations. The first is Australian pair Klo, who make beautiful, vibey downtempo sounds. We love this track, “Make Me Wonder”:

We’re also digging Nasimiyu, whose empowering lyrics are set to funky pop rhythms. Her EP, “Dirt,” was just released. We recommend starting with “The Hunt (Raise Your Arrow)”:

4. The Internet, for the Win (Again)

Back in March, a TEDx Talk asked “What Happens When a Billion People Get Computers?” The answer was pretty incredible. Featuring the story of Jimmy Calí, a 12-year-old Guatemalan boy, the talk made the point that the Internet will revolutionize development in the third world. Calí taught himself English in just eight months using the popular language-learning app Duolingo.

The Talk urged young entrepreneurs to consider how they can support development around the world, and how they can engage communities around the world.

5. 75-80% of conventionally processed Food is genetically engineered or modified

Last week, we featured Fed Up, a documentary about food and health. This week, we’ve got two more important documentaries to share.


The first is called Just Label It!, and is similar to Fed Up. This documentary talks about genetically modified and engineered foods, advocating for accurate labels on food. The documentary notes that there has been very little, if any, testing to determine if genetically modified food is safe for human consumption. They want to make sure that food is labelled, so that consumer can buy with confidence.

Just released at the Tribeca Film Festival, A Ballerina’s Tale documents the dramatic ascent of Misty Copeland, dancer with the American Ballet Theater in New York City. Given her pedigree and body type, Copeland says she should not have had a place with one of the world’s most prestigious dance companies. Yet she does! Her story of passion, drive and body positivity is an absolute inspiration.

6. Do You Feel Naked?

Activist group Fight for the Future (who helped found the Internet Defense League) just launched a new campaign intended to highlight enormous problem of the NSA’s spying. The new campaign, called I Feel Naked, is intending to highlight those private moments that the government shouldn’t be able to see. Check out the website, and hashtag #ifeelnaked to get involved.

7. Joni Mitchell is Recovering


Sending our best wishes to the wonderfully lovely, strong, and influential folk-goddess Joni Mitchell, who has just regained consciousness from a coma after being found unresponsive in her apartment.

8. Still Missing Serial?

Yeah, us too. Here are a couple of other Podcast recommendations from this week’s Featured Muse, Dr. Jessica Pizzuli: Welcome to Night Vale and NPR’s Ask Me Another.

Share the news you love, and we may feature it in the next Museworthy (with your name, of course)!

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