Because She Did: Paula Scher

How can it be that you talk to someone and it’s done in a second? But it IS done in a second — it’s done in a second and 34 years. It’s done in a second and every experience, and every movie, and every thing in my life that’s in my head.

Paula Scher is one of the world’s preeminent graphic designers, known for creating iconic, ground-breaking and socially charged designs. Scher has been a leader in the graphic design and branding world for more than four decades, and is a principal at New York’s Pentragram independent design consultancy.

She got her start designing album covers, but has gained the most acclaim for her unconventional typography and refreshing approach to brand identities. Some of her most important work has been for public cultural institutions, truly reframing their place in society. A few of her notable clients are: The Public Theater, Tiffany & Co., Citibank, Swatch, Target, Jazz at Lincoln Center, and more.

She has won a plethora of awards for her work, including the AIGA Medal in 2001 and Chrysler Award for Innovation in Design. Because she saw the world differently and shared that perspective, we can all speak with an improved cultural language.


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