You’re Cool, Francesca Mari. We love your stylish and impassioned prose.

Here at BYOM, we’re always looking for new ways to engage with our readers and encourage personal success. That’s why we’re launching a new series, “You’re Cool.” In it, we’ll shout out some of the coolest people doing incredible work – these are the “rising stars” in their respective fields. It’s just another way to give kudos to really amazing people and turn you on to ideas, initiatives and leaders that you might not yet know about. These amazing folks inspire us, and we’re sure they’ll inspire you, too!

francesca-mari-journalist-1Francesca Mari‘s writing will melt your brain (in a good way). This Harvard-educated, Austin-based journalist is young, inspired, and incredibly talented.

We’re really into the way she writes both directly and lyrically, and the spellbinding combination of words that feel more like a Harry Potter novel than a long-form piece. Once you start reading, you can’t stop.

Here are a collection of some of the best lines from her recent pieces:

The story of a global manhunt for a psychopath:

“Hey, Callie—” called Youssef, and as she began to turn, she felt the crack of metal across the back of her skull. She fell backward. A knee shunted into her ribs and pinned her to the cold concrete. When she opened her eyes, Callie saw Youssef’s face, contorted with rage, inches away from her own. He was straddling her now, his hands grabbing her neck.”

The Talented Mr. Khater, Texas Monthly

On the Rapid Rise of Assistants, and What It Means:

“Welcome to the main artery into creative or elite work—highly pressurized, poorly recompensed, sometimes exhilarating, sometimes menial secretarial assistance. From the confluence of two grand movements in American history—the continued flight of women out of the home and into the workplace, and the growing population of arts and politically oriented college graduates struggling to survive in urban epicenters that are increasingly ceded to bankers and consultants—the personal assistant is born.”

The Assistant Economy, Dissent

All About James Turrell’s Unique Affinity for Texas

“As usual he was dressed in all black. Or maybe his blazer was navy. As with his works, which orchestrate light, sometimes in colored sequences that play with a viewer’s perception, the juxtaposition of his shirt, pants and blazer — all various shades of night — makes it hard to tell.”

Love Affair Between One Artist and Texas, The New York Times

Playboy Installed Art in Marfa, But What Does It Mean?

“That, and a gloriously empty landscape. Parched yellow grass stretched in every direction, bordered by mountains so distant they looked like purple paintings on silk. Clouds loomed large and still in the giant sky, as if they had so much space they needn’t move.”

What is Art?, Texas Monthly

More than You Ever Thought About Bookshelves:

“I knew a kid in college who wanted so desperately to produce a book that he couldn’t stand the sight of their spines. He stacked them—ten or so brown and black books, library hardcovers—in his dorm room, titles to the wall, lips facing forward. He didn’t really buy books, either—at least I don’t recall that he did—but he never passed a bookstore without entering to read. These same stores have since displayed his books in their windows.”

Shelf-Conscious, The Paris Review

OOF. That is some good writing, y’all.

(H/T to Davis Harper, editor of the incredible newsletter You Are What You Read for sharing her work.)

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