You’re Cool, HAIM! We dig your sisterly bond and cool vibes.

In honor of this month’s theme of sisterhood, we’re going to be featuring sisters in our weekly “You’re Cool” feature. Every week, we feature inspiring emerging talents and explain why we think they’re so cool. This week? HAIM. 

HAIM, the incredible musical trio behind “Days Are Gone,” is a perfect example of a healthy, happy sisterhood. The sisters, Este (28), Danielle (25), and Alana (23), grew up in Los Angeles, playing music and basically being each other’s best friends. Sounds ideal, right?


Their love, appreciation and respect for each other is evident in every interview and every performance. They’re so deeply attuned to one another, it’s like they don’t even have to use words. Just watch them onscreen – that’s what real, genuine sisterhood looks like. Check out this sweet video of them playing “Sibling Superlatives” and you’ll see what I mean (it is a little long):

Eldest sis Este said it best:

“I grew up looking after my sisters. I always felt like the Mama Bear around them and their friends; it’s kind of how I’m built. I think our roles haven’t really changed. I’m still as maternal as ever, I’m still really protective, but it’s been amazing. I have two built-in best friends. We feel like explorers — like gypsies. We’re really taking advantage of the fact that we get to travel the world together.”

– Este Haim, in an interview with Parade

Just in case you haven’t seen them play live (and heard Danielle’s incredible, unconventional voice without all the studio trappings), check it out:

Aren’t they wonderful?

+ Share your favorite set of talented sisters, and we may feature them in next week’s segment of “You’re Cool” – with an h/t of course!

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