Guest Essay: Winning At Twinning

Although every sister dynamic is naturally unique and compelling, identical twin-ship is in a realm of its own. Not only is it incredibly rare – the chances are 1 in 285 – but twins seem to arouse a certain fascination in us. Cough cough, Olsen twins, anyone? Or see Candice Breitz’s series of interviews with identical twins entitled “Factum.” Be it because of how mind-boggling it is to see and interact with two distinct individuals with identical appearances and separate identities, or because there seems to be an incomprehensible and intense connection between twins, either way, twins represent something mysterious and cool and different, which is ironic considering they are biologically identical. With that being said, we asked the ever-cheeky and hilarious 21-year-olds Kendra and Aliesha Simmons from Wellington, New Zealand about their experiences as identical twin sisters, and here is what they had to say!  


How would you describe yourselves?


My name is Kendra Simmons, I am 21 and in my final year of Science, majoring in Development Studies and Politics. I love travelling, people and food (a lot of it!!), and would consider myself an outgoing and passionate gal (some might say hyperactive and weird at times).


I’m Aliesha. My nicknames range from Liesh to Lou to Lucy to useless. I am 21 and studying philosophy and politics. I am caring, passionate, and a bit quirky.

What are some of your favorite things?


Hmmm… Defs food and travel – particularly haloumi, feta and all sorts of cheese! I am also slightly (very) obsessed with my dog Mata.



Travel, good vino, and cheese (specifically haloumi) – Preferably all at once!! Good times with great company.

Who are your favorite people?


ALIESHA, my little sister Zobie, Nan and my mum are all wonderful women in my life. I also love my friends and my boyfriend – what would life be without them?


My sisters Ken and Zo. Nan and my mum have been incredible female role models, my boyfriend Maxi and friends. Miley Cyrus, too.

Where do you see yourselves in 20 years?


Hmm… that would make me 41, which is scary! Making a difference hopefully in the field of development studies – maybe overseas? I would like two children – one boy and one girl (too much to ask?), and a dog for sure.



Somewhere overseas working as a journalist reporting on human-interest stories, hopefully making a difference. Owner of multiple mini schnauzers – one would get lonely.

Sum up your sister in a few sentences:


She is beautifully hopeless. No but seriously, completely hopeless yet completely lovable. I would say she is honest, sassy, kind, caring and adventurous. She is also a proud passionate feminist!

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 1.54.28 pm


Quirky, intelligent and thought-provoking. She is super positive and constantly draws in people around her. Highly entertaining!!

Tell us a little about your experiences as identical twins:

“OMG are you twins?”

“Nah, we were triplets but the other died.”

Cue: Self-conscious neck scratching and a hasty exit on our part.

This was a tactic learned at age four from our dad. Seriously. We are the queens at answering such questions, and have a practiced and polished routine of answering at the same time with the same response, followed by synchronized laughter and “OMG typical”. Do not be fooled. Spooning in the womb did not result in a telepathic connection. Sorry for that bombshell.

Howeeeever, there have been some interesting moments that suggest twin power is not entirely a myth. We shared a very detailed dream we believed was fact for years; when either was seriously injured, the other tended to be utterly miserable; we also broke our arms a year apart: same arm, same bone, same part of bone, same hospital, some doctor, same room, same same.

Recently, we got to choose a watch from our Nan and Pop for our 21st birthday (love them). Without any communication, in entirely different cities, we chose the same watch down to the same friggin’ colour. Some say coincidence, we say twinning.


In addition to some cahrazy coincidences, we milked the whole “we look the same” thing while growing up. In year 9 (age 13) we did the ultimate twin move, and traded schools. Yes, we are legends, all hail. After some very intense planning/training/endurance testing/failure of the other to pull out, we did the deed and were elevated to top-grade celebrity status.  It was even told at our Nan’s work – in a different city – before Nan knew that it was even about us.

Alas, looking the same can also be a curse. One Saturday night, Aliesha moved and grooved her way to a club only to be denied entry. She was not too drunk, or underdressed, and was equipped with a legit form of ID. So why, you ask, was she denied? Ken had developed a crush (obsession) on a bartender she liked to hang out with (stalk). She was subsequently banned for her attempts at friendship (harassment). Lo and behold, they laughed when Aliesha attempted to pull the twin card and went home deflated and defeated.

All in all I think we can say with conviction that we are indeed winning at twinning. Life is better in pairs, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!



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