5 Lessons on Female Entrepreneurs and Risk-Taking with Bit + Grain

Bit + Grain is one of those phenomenal publications that celebrates important stories, well-told. These stories are about North Carolina and her people. B+G feels like a documentary, a diary, and a love letter all at once.

Earlier this year, I had the distinct pleasure of contributing to B+G with a piece about female entrepreneurs in our state: “The Old North Hustle.” One of my very favorite things to do is talk to people about what they love – I live for the moment when someone else’s face lights up – and this story allowed me to do just that.

tag #theoldnorthhustle on social for more images.
tag #theoldnorthhustle on social for more images.

This weekend, we celebrated the incredible creators of North Carolina with a wonderful B+G Social. We gathered at featured entrepreneur Jessie Williams’ shop, Edge of Urge, to speak about entrepreneurship, risk-taking, creativity, and so much more. For more on the event, check out these lovely photos taken by Annie Cockrill.

From a humble pitch came a story that I’m extremely proud to have written, and an event with other incredible creators that inspired me to no end. You just never know where the world is going to take you!

Here are some of the ideas that inspired me most:

  1. You don’t have to know everything to be a successful entrepreneur, you simply have to know where to start, keep an open mind, and adjust when necessary.
  2. Every leap you take makes it easier to take leaps again in the future. Likewise, every time you pick yourself up from “failure,” you get better at recovering.
  3. Hurdles usually only seem enormous when you’re approaching them.
  4. Mentors are an essential part of growth. Find ones you can trust and who believe in your vision, and can offer real insight. Meanwhile, steer clear of “yes people.”
  5. Every entrepreneur has to ask themselves whether they should keep going, or can. Embrace this aspect of growth, because this is when you’re learning most.
+ Many thanks to the lovely team at Bit + Grain for this incredible experience!

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