An Open Valentine to Joanna + Sarah Halpin of “What She Said”

Dearest Joanna + Sarah,

We have a confession to make – we’re completely enamored.

We dig your minimalist style and effortless glamour.

Your photos and illustrations are truly unique,

And your modeling portfolio is tres chic.

We love that you’re sisters, as we love ours, too;

There’s no one better to turn to when you’re feeling blue.

Your obsession with stripes is one that we share,

And your creative abilities are seriously unfair.

We founded a blog called Be Your Own Muse,

To celebrate, inspire, and potentially amuse.

We’ve got a proposal and we hope you’ll say yes,

To discuss and explore the secrets of your success?

If you reciprocate our feelings, and we hope that you do,

All that we ask is for a moment or two.

Just drop us a line, we promise it won’t take hours,

And we will certainly feel all sorts of hearts and flowers.


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