You’re Cool, Danielle L. Lee! We love your passion for women in STEM.

We’re huge advocates for women in STEM here at BYOM! From our favorite Googler and first-ever Muse Abby Bouchon, to this week’s featured Muse Molly Paul, and finally to our You’re Cool feature Danielle L. Lee, we’re so inspired by these women who break gender barriers and do excellent work! Danielle Lee is a biologist who specializes in animal behavior and ecology, as well as an advocate for and examiner of social systems in STEM. She’s also a TED Fellow. Talk about accomplished! Get ready to be inspired.

danielle-lee-biologist-2Danielle Lee, self-proclaimed hip-hop maven, urban ecologist, evolutionary biologist + advocate for diversity in the sciences, is one of the top young scientists in the world. She’s also a voice to and for under-represented populations.

In The Urban Scientist, she blogs about fusions of hip-hop and science, about why black tech expertise matters, why more people should be involved in the maths and sciences, and more intersections of pop culture and science.

This is one of our favorite quotes from The Urban Scientist:

“I like doing this. I like doing experiments, mind-tinkering on hypotheses and experimental design. I like sharing science with others. I love when other people share their science with me. I don’t like mean people. I don’t like oppressive systems or inequality or inequity.

The jackasses of the world don’t deserve to (continue to) dominate the sciences. And I want all of the young scholars, especially the many young women who email me to know that I’m not quiting any time soon. I may be a little salty, but I’m not calling quits – and neither should you.”

– Danielle Lee, I’m Salty, But Is That Always Bad?

She’s also really active, and possibly more political, on Twitter. Here are also some of her incredible tweets:

She’s really a role model for happy, questioning, loving, serious, joyful, outspoken people, particularly those who are pursuing a career in which they’re the exception rather than the rule.

+ Who Inspires You? Share Your Favorite Female Scientists, Engineers, Developers, and Mathematicians With Us!

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