Museworthy: 7 Female Musicians Who Make Us Proud To Be Women

At Be Your Own Muse, we’re constantly looking everywhere for inspiration: our family and friends, new books and podcasts, Instagram, our favorite online publications…we could go on. While sometimes less intentionally ingested, as it often provides the ambient backdrop to these other pursuits, new music also provides an enormous, impactful source of inspiration for us. Alternately, when the time is right, we so relish the tranquil, uncompromised feeling that comes from just being alone with a fantastic album — how all-encompassing it is; somehow completely meditative, engaging, and enthralling all at once.

We’ve all experienced the transformative power of a newly-discovered track – it can literally turn your entire day around. It can motivate you when you’re having the most feet-dragging, foggy Monday morning of all time. It can make you feel less alone when you’re feeling isolated, depressed, and misunderstood. It can punctuate even the most poignant, joyful moments of your life, like accomplishing a particularly sought-after goal, graduating from college, or even meeting your soulmate.

As an online platform that encourages taking risks, supporting one another, and following your dreams, we know that you’ve got many more of these special moments coming your way. That’s why we’ve decided it was time we contributed to the soundtrack of this entirely unpredictable, yet totally awesome life of yours with a Be Your Own Muse Spotify profile. Here you’ll find heaps of music recommendations, from emerging female artists (like the ones below!) to our long-established musical Muses who have been inspiring us for years.

That being said, we’d like to kick off this new project of ours with a few up-and-coming female artists who make us proud and grateful to be women. Keep in mind this is most certainly NOT an exhaustive list, so be sure to check out our Spotify for more recommendations!

1. Mizan K

Mizan K, sister of former Muse Hasabie Kidanu, recently released her first six-song EP, Dark Blue. Named one of Rolling Stone‘s “Top 20 R&B albums of 2015,” the EP is characterized by gorgeous musical craftsmanship, thought-provoking depth, and frank confessions of complex emotions, anxieties, and insecurities shared by us all.


Check her out on Spotify or Soundcloud:

2. Chargaux

Charly and Margaux, popularly known as Chargaux, are a Brooklyn-based art collective who utilize classical string instruments, visual art, and creative fashion to create their own undeniably catchy and provocative take on pop music. Their hustle is undeniable: they started out played street corners in Boston, recently started their own collective in NYC, and make gorgeous classically inspired pop with strong female leads.


Listen on Spotify or Soundcloud:

3. Emily King

A contagious blend of 70’s singer songwriters and classic R&B apparently results in the magic that is Emily King’s music. The Grammy nominated musician recently released her latest album, The Switch, which beautifully showcases her rich, soothing vocals and gorgeous harmonies.

Check her out on Spotify or Soundcloud:

4. Lizzo

Texas-born Lizzo epitomizes the terms brave, smart, and strong. With an indisputably dominant musical presence, Lizzo defies genres, constantly blending rap and soul, and isn’t afraid to play with boundaries. Her vibe is reminiscient of an indie Missy Elliott, and she’s partnered with groups like Crime Mob, but has also collaborated with other up-and-coming female artists, like Caroline Smith on their funky, independent anthem “Let em Say.” We love her shameless, DGAF attitude!


Give her a listen on Spotify or Soundcloud.

5. Kelela

Kelela Mizanecristos is an LA-based songwriter and vocalist. She found her niche in the underground music scene of Los Angeles, utilizing experimental songwriting and electronic music techniques to seamlessly blend the worlds of popular and club music. She loves playing around with her sound and is constantly releasing collaborative remixes. Her debut album, Cut 4 Me, is described as the “culmination of a long journey, exploring the space between loss and freedom, and the process of letting go as a catalyst for growth.” She recently released her second album, Hallucinogen, and we seriously cannot stop listening.


Listen on Spotify or Soundcloud:

6. Lake Street Dive

Although not an entirely female band, Lake Street Dive is fronted by vocalist Rachael Price. With a rich, declarative signature, Rachael is the cherry on top of the band’s bright, charming blend of jazzy pop/rock with plenty of R&B and soul influence. This is music to brighten your day and it’ll have you belting out the lyrics with a huge grin on your face. “Bad Self Portraits” particularly does it for us, and we’re guilty on so many counts of bad car karaoke.


Give ’em a listen on Spotify and Soundcloud:

7. Låpsley

Holly Lapsley Fletcher, better known by her stage name Låpsley, is a 19-year-old British singer songwriter and electronic music artist. She’s the definition of a self-starter and channels her insane amount of talent into innovative, mesmerizing music. Her first solo Monday EP, which she recorded in her bedroom at home, received over half a million views on Soundcloud and although she has yet to release a full-length album, she’s already played at Glastonbury Music Festival. Keep a look out for her first full-length album, Long Way Home, scheduled for release on March 4, 2016.


Check her out on Spotify and Soundcloud:



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