Museworthy: 13 Amazing Female Fashion Photographers You Need To Follow On Insta

We’re really into Instagram. Even though we actively discuss and question the potential negative side effects of social media, we do find a lot of inspiration online. We’ve also meet a lot of incredible women and organizations through platforms like Instagram.

Inspired by this week’s featured Muse, Sisilia Piring, fashion photographer, here are 13 other amazing female fashion photogs. Some of these are street style photographers, while others are style bloggers, and still more are traditional editorial fashion photographers.

While we were writing this, we did notice that the professional fashion photographers who seem to get the most press are men. It’s a non-scientific observation, of course, but that’s part of why we’re really excited to share these incredible women!

If you like your feed filled with light, beauty and style, these are women you need to follow.

1. @candicelake (Candice Lake)

Cosy as a 🐨 #home #winter#uniform @follifollie

A post shared by Candice Lake (@candicelake) on

As a Style Editor at Vogue Australia, a photographer and a blogger, Candice Lake has a unique and sunny perspective on fashion. Luckily, she’s willing to share it with us!

2. @drunkensookei (Soo Kei)

Soo Kei is an amazing stylist and photographer whose work is really young and really fresh. She does styling, art direction, and yes, fashion photography!

3. @dina_litovsky (Dina Litovsky)

Dina Litovsky is an incredible photographer and artist based in New York whose work feels like a big, beautiful party.

4. @angelicagrace_photo (Angelica Grace)

California photog Angelica Grace creates beautiful, colorful portraits that feel both contemporary and slightly retro.

5. @emmasummerton (Emma Summerton)

Emma Summerton‘s photos (at least on Instagram) feel slightly too intimate, intentionally alternative and beautifully bizarre.

6. @kaity_modern (Kaitlyn Ham)

Kaitlyn Ham is an Australian style blogger (under the moniker Modern Legacy) whose work is stylized, nearly monochromatic, and totally rocker-chic.

7. @caroladearmas (Carola Fingerhut de Armas)

Carola de Armas seems to focus primarily on the haute couture and the fashion elite, but in a way that seems loving and accessible – and this is what we love about her.

8. @favenue_ (Selma Favela)

messy layers because it's friday 🙊

A post shared by selma favela ♔ (@favenue__) on

Selma Favela is a Mexican stylist and lifestyle blogger. With naïveté, warm neutral tones and good vibes, she seems like your ultra-cool kid sister.

9. @miss_gunner (Ashley Gunner)

Date night 💖💖🍣🍾

A post shared by Miss Gunner (@miss_gunner) on

Another Aussie, Ashley Gunner, makes this list for her sun-soaked shots and real-girl vibes. She’s got fantastic style, sure, but she doesn’t seem to take it too seriously. We like that.

10. @emilysoto (Emily Soto)

New York-based photographer Emily Soto fuses editorial fashion photography and portraiture in a way that both tells a story and keeps us guessing.

11. @alealimay (Aleali May)

Aleali May is an image consultant, photographer, model and blogger. Her presence in the space is powerful, her voice unique, and her perspective multi-faceted.

12. @julia_noni (Julia Noni)

Julia Noni is an established photographer whose work, even on Instagram, would be right at home on the high-gloss page. Her ‘gram is a gallery.

13. @tamummcpherson (Tamu McPherson)

Unlike many of the photographers on this list, Tamu McPherson’s account doesn’t feel over-edited. It’s a realistic look into her life, including her gym time, her runway-side seats, and her personal style.

+ Did We Miss Anyone? Let Us Know In The Comments Below!

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