A Local Foodie’s Guide: Where To Eat In L.A.

Natalie Pelletier, self-described “actress with an appetite” and this week’s Muse, gave us the skinny on where to eat in L.A. We’ll be breaking it down by category below, from donuts to drinks! Fried chicken makes repeat appearances, because le duh. Bon appétit, and don’t forget to share your gastronomical favs in the comments below.

Donuts + Coffee

SIDECAR DONUTS in Santa Monica has my favorite ever- the cinnamon crumb.  They make them fresh every hour so you’re guaranteed a warm donut!

COFAX COFFEE has a close second- their Honey Sea Salt is amazing too! Plus they have some of the best breakfast burritos in town.

There are lots of gorgeous coffee shops in L.A. – and many of the following have multiple locations. Find one in your ‘hood to try! Right now THE ASSEMBLY is my favorite coffee shop, but I also love COFFEE COMMISSARYALFRED, BLUE BOTTLE, ZINQUE, PAPER OR PLASTIK, and DINOSAUR.


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Brunch So Hard

When it comes to brunch, the key is getting in the right lane. Are you feeling pancakes or a breakfast bowl? Salmon toast or bacon and eggs? Here’s where to go and what to get!

A.O.C. has a gorgeous patio, plus amazing chicken & waffles, plus charcuterie plates.

brunch so hard🍴🍳😋

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FREE RANGE LA is a food truck that I discovered early on- they have the BEST fried chicken biscuits and sandwiches in the city.

LITTLE DOM’S for their blueberry ricotta pancakes.

SALT’S CURE for their All-Star Breakfast.

REPUBLIQUE for their smoked salmon toast and pastries.

SYCAMORE KITCHEN for their breakfast bowls and (again) pastries!

SQIRL for their pesto rice bowls and ricotta toast.

a toast (or 2) to the weekend🍞😉

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Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner (Literally + Metaphorically Speaking)

GUSTO is great for incredible Italian.

L&E OYSTER BAR for oysters and other seafood.

the second dozen 🙊

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ANIMAL for one of the best meals and bites of your life – go hungry!

SON OF A GUN for their lobster roll, fried chicken sandwich (there’s a pattern here…) and shrimp toast.

lobster roll + avocado= summer lovin' #homemade #kickitupanotch #bam

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BESTIA for a splurge-worthy meal- charcuterie board is a must!

THE NICE GUY for their burger and duck confit pizza and perhaps a celeb sighting.

Happy Monday😝🍔#foodporn

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MARE for amazing steak and seafood plus a great patio.

VINOTEQUE for a great deal on wine and yummy bites.

2015: the year of many bites, hand modeling and THE JUMPSUIT #tbt #2015bestnine

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And of Course, Drinks!

la vida loca🍹

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ROGER ROOM for classic and fun cocktails in an intimate setting.

EL CARMEN for cheap but tasty margaritas (and to feel like you’re in NYC).

ERB bar downtown for a great wine and cocktail selection.

BREAK ROOM 86 for karaoke and 80s themed fun!

ADULTS ONLY for great cocktails and a unique entrance.

about last night😏💋

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Odds + Ends

MILK for their cereal milk macaroon ice cream sandwiches!

GUISADOS for tacos!

taco-bout a sampler😛

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GRAND CENTRAL MARKET for a plethora of choices (great for breakfast/lunch if you’re downtown but can get busy at peak hours).

Finally, CVT SOFT SERVECVT SOFT SERVE is another food truck that I love and they just do soft serve ice cream- chocolate, vanilla and twist.

+ Where do you love to eat in L.A.? Let us know in the comments below, and stay tuned for our fantastic interview with Natalie tomorrow!

sunday stripes ☕️

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