Museworthy: Former Muse Shannon Hayden Just Released a New Album!

On Feb. 19, former Muse Shannon Hayden released her newest album, “You See The World.” Shannon is an incredible, classically trained and genre-bending cellist who creates atmospheric compositions. She combines gorgeous cello music with electronic techniques and her own voice to craft classically influenced but ultimately fresh and very current music.

Check out this track, “Vanished,” from the newest album.

Her newest album is destined to earn loads of new fans; at the very least, it’s getting the attention of respected music publications like The FADER.

We’re so thrilled for your current and inevitable future successes, Shannon! Your creativity and approach to music-making are vibrant, unconventional and full of love, and we’re so inspired by that.

Thank you for being our Muse, and congratulations on this incredible new chapter of your creative life!


+ Get “You See the World” by clicking here. Or, listen to more tracks here.

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