Museworthy: Learn How to Be Your Best Creative, Sensitive Self – for Free!

We’ve got excellent news! Former Muse Maria Borghoff-Perry, a visual artist, registered yoga instructor, somatic coach and practice designer, is offering free online classes on spirituality, creativity and so much more. This generous, wholesome, intuitive and accomplished woman is sharing her wisdom with the world – and we’re thankful for it!

Her next live class, called The Art of Practice Design & Embodied Living, is free! As she says, “creating practice is the first step to creating change.” In the course, you’ll learn:

  • The Elements & Principles of Practice Design,
  • The Obstacles to Healthy Habits, and
  • The Key to Creating Lasting Change.

Plus, you’ll create a personal action plan to help you get started. Just sign up for a seat, and you’ll also get a replay video – even if you can’t make the actual session.

My goal is to support individuals in fully experiencing their unique, radiant lives through Practice Design & Embodied Living.”

The class will be on Wednesday, March 2, at 8 PM.  Sarah and I will definitely be signed up – and I hope you’ll join us and learn more about finding your purpose and developing your practice!

12802975_2481393319700_6676839508916815379_nMaria also offers a more rigorous series of classes and online resources, called Create Your Sacred, designed to help you design and live the life of your dreams.

In this field, you really couldn’t ask for a better, more generous teacher. Maria has enormous respect for the journey and the individual, and is committed to a life of openness, consideration and practice.

+ Learn more about Maria and her incredible, award-winning work at!




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