Reel Talk: “Dream, Girl” Documentary Tells Stories of 5 Lady Entrepreneurs

Women are starting 1,200 businesses every day. One ambitious and awesomely uplifting documentary is out tell the stories of those inspiring and ambitious female entrepreneurs.

This is Dream, Girl – a documentary on a mission:

A few years ago, I had the good fortune to interview Erin Bagwell, producer and director of Dream, Girl and founder of the blog Feminist Wednesday, about the documentary for Hello Giggles.


From first year startups to million dollar companies Dream, Girl tells the stories of five powerful entrepreneurs and the dreams that have propelled their businesses forward. The Dream, Girl team, which is led by and comprised primarily of women, could be considered a kind of sixth feature in this story and movement.

These are women living the BYOM lifestyle with grace and tenacity!

“From self-sabotage to raising money, we speak to the emotional and practical journey of starting a business. The film was crafted as we embarked on our own startup experience, building our own production and distribution company to uplift our mission and impact,” Erin said in a press release.


It’s an incredible, ambitious project – and one the world is ready for. They fielded 250 requests to screen the movie in 20 different countries!

Live in New York? You’re in luck. The world premiere is in your city!

Get tickets to see the movie at 7:30 on June 9 @ the iconic Paris Theater, and a Q+A with the cast and producers. If you buy a ticket, you’re also invited to the afterparty at the Hotel on Rivington from 9pm-2am (which includes 1 hour of free drinks).


Through the Dream, Girl premiere and movement, Erin Bagwell and her co-founder Komal Minhas plan to amplify the stories of women entrepreneurs while disrupting the way films are traditionally distributed. They are doing this by building their own back end automated sales system, and bypassing the festival circuit to reach their audience directly.


If that doesn’t call for a big YGG, we don’t know what does.

+ Learn more about the movie, the crew, and the mission by visiting the website!

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