Museworthy: See Muse Meg Callahan’s Quilts IRL (If You’re In New York)

Many of our Muses are artists, so we have lots of insight into exactly why and how being an artist can be tough, even risky. That’s part of why we’re especially excited to share some excellent and exciting news from former Muse Meg Callahan: she’s got a showing of her incredible work during NY Design Week!

The exhibit, called “Black & White, Twelve Quilts,” celebrates the craft of quilting by showcasing 12 quilts by 12 artists. Each artist’s black and white quilt explores contemporary ideas of materials and processes. When seen together, these artists and their work come together in another kind of metaphorical quilt, a community.

In New York? Go see it!

Black and White, Twelve Quilts

Thursday, May 12: 2pm-6pm
FridaySunday, May 13-15: 12pm-6pm
Opening reception May 13, 6pm-9pm

40 Ludlow Street – New York, NY

Want to learn more? Visit 

+ We love celebrating our Muses’ achievements, successes, breakthroughs and progress – who wouldn’t? We also love celebrating our community’s achievements. Got one you want to share? Don’t be shy! Email us or leave it in the comments. 🙂 

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