Museworthy: Halfway Through 2016 and We’re Still Crushing on Our Muses

We can hardly believe that we’re already halfway through 2016. As much as time has flown for us, our Muses have clearly made the most of it. At BYOM, we believe that progress, however small, is worth celebrating. We know that success is a journey, and oftentimes, it’s the little accomplishments along the way that keep you motivated for the big finish. 

News of our Muses’ success and accomplishments lights a constant fire in us to be better, do more, always say yes to opportunity, and never stop working towards our goals. Their enthusiasm and drive are contagious, and we are so thankful to them for that! They keep us going, and we hope they provide you with the same motivation.

Megan Red Shirt-Shaw, Native Activist + Founder of Natives In America


We were extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to feature Megan as a Muse back in September. Although there was no doubt in our minds that she would continue to accomplish great things, she’s continued to surpass our expectations with her fearlessness, the power she holds in her vulnerability, and her passion for Native rights.


Megan was recently accepted to Harvard University’s Graduate Program for Education, where she will continue to work towards wider accessibility to higher education for Native youth. This is a cause that she champions across multiple channels — Megan was also honored as the keynote speaker for both the 2016 Santa Clara County American Indian Graduation Ceremony and the Inaugural SCU Native American Coalition for Change Native American Senior Ceremony — check out her speech below! A big congratulations to Megan, Harvard is lucky to have you!

Natalie Pelletier, Aspiring Actress + LA Foodie


You probably remember Natalie from her adorable feature back in February. She’s an aspiring actress with a Webseries entitled “Sh*t Girls Used To Say” that highlights history’s female inventors in a fresh, fun way; a social media queen (@irishfrecklegirl) — we’re head over heels in love with her color story themed Instagram posts like #shadesofpink; and a rising force to be reckoned with in the Los Angeles foodie scene.

Natalie recently celebrated the debut of her blog, Actress With An Appetite, on National Donut Day (how fitting) where she covers everything from her favorite LA donut stops to her Trader Joe’s summer wine recommendations. Cheers to you, Natalie!

Lauren Kimelton + Randi Emmans-Bailyn, Founders of Every Ella


Every Ella just turned one! Founders Lauren and Randi started the lifestyle brand, Every Ella, with the goal of empowering and uniting girls and women around the world through fashion and community. For every item purchased, a donation is made to charities dedicated to these girls and women. In celebration of their first birthday, they’ve released an entirely new, totally awesome collection! Here’s to many more years of Every Ella’s continued success, empowerment, and positivity!



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