Our Story

What Is Be Your Own Muse?

Be Your Own Muse is a media platform devoted to sharing the stories of inspiring women and celebrating the journey to becoming your best self. Our hope is that these stories encourage you to pursue your own goals, and to embrace the creative challenge.

Every little act, even little acts of good and inspiration, can feel like a shout into the void. What if the void shouted back? On BYOM, it does. We celebrate those small acts that are the beginning of big changes. If progress is the result of perseverance, we say that the persevering spirit is strengthened by encouragement and support. This is what BYOM strives to provide.

We’re a community of creators, entrepreneurs, change-makers and world-shakers. Whether you’re looking for motivation, support, encouragement or conversation, the BYOM family is here. It’s a party, and everyone is invited!


How Did It Start?

BYOM started with conversations between Sarah and Kinsey; we wanted a joyful way to sing our friends’ praises. It is rooted in a desire to celebrate each other, and to honor the process of self-discovery and personal achievement.

We’ve developed organically, through a network of friends and friends of friends. This community is a healthy one. We’d love for you to be part of it.

The Team

Sarah Leonard + Kinsey Lane Sullivan, Co-Founders & Editors


About usKinsey and Sarah met while studying in London in 2012, and a mutual affinity for intentional wandering and meeting new people in unlikely places forged a strong friendship.

Across the country and the globe, from Chapel Hill to New York to Seattle to Charlotte to Auckland, they’ve supported and encouraged each other.

It started with two girls in a strange city. Four years, five cities, and two continents later, we’ve still got one great friendship.

This friendship is the foundation of and inspiration behind Be Your Own Muse. Thankful for their appreciation of one another, they realized that they wanted to share this positivity through the stories of inspiring peers and role models.

+ Want to learn more? Get in touch via contact@beyourownmuse.org. In the meantime, thank you for inspiring us!

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