A Muse on Following Her Passions

“That’s the magical thing about throwing yourself into your interests and passions and just going for it: you never know which decision, which passion, which project will ignite the next fire to keep you blazing in your creativity and engaged with the world in your fullest potential.” – Lauren Hill, Surfer + Environmental Activist Advertisements

Q+A with Lauren Hill, Surfer, Feminist + Environmentalist

Lauren Hill is a surfer in the most literal sense, as someone who not only celebrates the surface tension of life but is also willing to dive beneath, to explore things and elements that are below the surface. She is not only a professional surfer represented by Billabong, but also writes academically on intersections of surfing, sustainability, and gender issues.We know that Lauren – with her connection to the earth, her attention to life’s natural rhythms, and her sensitivity to the undercurrents of society – will inspire you as much as she inspires us.

A Muse on Cultivating Curiosity in Adulthood

“I’m a very curious person, and as I grow up I’m trying not to lose my childlike-wonder…I still stay up past my bedtime daydreaming about going to space, and I think that’s a good thing. The world needs more curious adults!” – Jane Hall, Product Marketer @ Google

Q+A with Jane Hall, Google Product Marketer + Curious Creative

Jane is a bright and beautiful young woman, full of confidence and the drive to activate her potential. Jane walks a fine line between art and technology as a Product Marketing Manager at Google. In her spare time, you can find Jane exploring and expressing her creativity through a variety of outlets. In these answers, you’ll hear her heart, her ambition, and her curiosity.

A Muse on Learning to Embrace Complexity

“We all contain so much, we all have so much to offer. Not restricting this complexity in myself or others – opening spaces for the infinite possibility of humanness – that’s what has been revealed to me over the past few years.” – Lindsey Raisa Feldman, Sociocultural Anthropologist + Photographer

Museworthy: 5 Feminist Anthropologists Who Have Shaped Our Global Understanding

Up until the mid-19th century, the overwhelming majority of anthropological studies were conducted by – yep, you guessed it – white males. These studies were not only conducted by white men, but the subjects were predominantly male-focused. Given that anthropology is the study of humans, and half of these humans are female, the field was in desperate need of dramatic change if it was to accurately portray our species as a whole. Starting in the mid-19th century, there was a great push for more female-focused study, or “feminist anthropology.” Here are a few women who have changed anthropology as we know it.

Q+A with Nico Mazza, Fiber Artist, Tango Dancer + Co-Founder of Female Creative Collective

Fiber artist. Tango Dancer. Founder of a women’s creative collective. Nico Mazza is a multi-dimensional and magnetic young woman. Here, Nico explains how her Catholic background influences her art, why she explores her fantasies on the page, how dance provides another insight into her experiences as a feminist, and why she’s obsessed with the Kardashians.

Thank You For One Year of BYOM!

We are so thrilled, honored and grateful for the journey that has been (and will be) Be Your Own Muse. Thank you, readers, Muses and friends, for making this such a special and joy-filled time. This has been an incredible first year. Here’s to many more years to come!

Musing: You Are Worthy. You Are Enough. You Are Allowed.

Inspired by a post written by former Muse and all-around wonder woman Maria Borghoff on her blog, we wanted to take a moment to talk about this idea of being enough, of being worthy, of accepting and appreciating yourself, and what that means for the fears, doubts and insecurities that you may harbor. Maria Borghoff…

Museworthy: The Huge Things Our Muses Are Accomplishing In 2016

As the Be Your Own Muse community continues to grow, we’ve realized how necessary it is to regularly check in with our Muses. All of these women are incredible, so naturally, their journeys to success continue to become even more dynamic and impressive with each passing day. In these intermittent Museworthy posts, we’ll do our best to highlight what they’ve been up to since their initial features. Consider this to be trackable evidence that progress is always possible with the right attitude, perseverance, and hard work!

A Muse on Overcoming Her Fear of Rejection

“The fear of rejection was by far the biggest obstacle I overcame at the beginning of my weaving journey. Once I managed to work my way through those feelings, I never looked back.” – Erin Barrett, Weaver & Owner of Sunwoven Designs

Q+A with Erin Barrett, Founder + Weaver Behind Sunwoven Designs

We’d like to introduce the ever-so-talented Erin Barrett of Sunwoven. Erin specializes in handmade woven wall art, and with color as her primary inspiration, creates simple, bold designs that convey an unparalleled level of meticulousness and natural skill. Erin’s fulfilling career and loving home life are a testament that as driven, hard-working women, you don’t have to choose between a career or a family. If you stick with your passions, put in the legwork, and aren’t afraid to be vulnerable, success is inevitable.