The Editors

Sarah Leonard & Kinsey Lane Sullivan I Co-Founders & Editors, Be Your Own Muse


Two girls, one city. Two years, five cities, and two continents later, we’ve still got one great friendship.

About usKinsey and Sarah met while studying in London in 2012, and a mutual affinity for intentional wandering and meeting new people in unlikely places forged a strong friendship. Across the country and the globe, from Chapel Hill to New York to Seattle to Charlotte to Auckland, they’ve supported and encouraged each other.

This friendship is the foundation of and inspiration behind Be Your Own Muse. Thankful for their appreciation of one another, they realized that they wanted to share this positivity through the stories of inspiring peers and role models.

BYOM is a joyful platform for all people to sing each others’ praises, and to celebrate our individuality. BYOM is also a strong community of inspiring peers. It’s a party, and everyone is invited!

+ Want to be part of the BYOM journey? Contact us today!

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